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Our Tour takes you off the beaten path for an authentic experience of daily life in two very different Cambodian villages, one a picturesque farming village set amid beautiful rice paddies and the other a bustling floating village on the Great Tonle Sap Lake. We work with local communities and schools to provide an adventure which benefits the local communities, the students attending the schools and the visitor.  You will enjoy a wide variety of experiences not on the well-trodden tourist trail including riding in an Ox Cart or Cycling, sampling and preparing local cuisine, interacting with local students so they can practice their English language skills and making real connections with local people as you chat with them about their lives and really come to understand their culture and lifestyle. Depending on the season, you may also have the opportunity to get your hands dirty alongside the villagers as they plant or harvest rice. We promise you a unique experience with memories to last a lifetime.





8:30 am
- Pick you up from hotel to Lvea Village (We take short pause along the way to see how local people make bamboo sticky rice)
26 km (16.15 miles) to the east of Siem Reap
- Arrive in Lvea Village and visit the Pagna Cambodian Education Fund (PCEF) School.
- You can help, support and encourage children in this community to practice their English Language skills.
- You can share your experience about your socialization (yourself and your country).
- You may also teach them to prepare themselves for their future careers based on free job market.

- Take an oxen cart or Cycling through the village to get point of view about people livelihood and see rice paddy field landscape.
- Approximately 2 km
11:00 am
- Return to the school
- You are able to learn how local cooking food.
- You may help cook if you'd like to learn new recipes.
- Having authentic Khmer lunch.
- You will serve fresh drink coconut juice after your meal.
- You can rest in a hammock or chat with local people.

1:00 pm
- Begin another half day tour to Kampong Phluk, a Floating Village on the Great Tonle Sap Lake.
- Will take a wooden boat to tour the lake and the Flooded Forest

3.00 pm
- Take a walking tour through Kampong Phluk to view traditional Cambodian stilt houses and see how local living in this unique and unusual village.
- Visit the PCEF (Pagna Cambodian Education Fund) School in Kampong Phluk and once again have the opportunity to interact with smiling students who are eager to practice their English language skills with you.

- Take traditional paddle boat, Visiting the floating forest and sitting to take a rest on the floating restaurant.

-Take a boat to continue to see the Tole sap lake and see so beautiful sunset.

- Return to your hotel in Siem Reap

How does this tour benefit the local communities?

• Proceeds from this tour are allocated to support local community projects and PCEF school projects.

• Only locals are employed as drivers so they can increase their income and ability to support their families and their communities.

• By using our services you provide opportunities for the locals to improve their livelihoods and 20% of your expenses will automatically be donated to support the disadvantaged children attending the PCEF schools.

What You Should Wear

Gentlemen are required to wear long trousers and ladies should wear long trousers or long skirts and keep their shoulders covered

You should wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts for hiking, trekking, or outdoor activities. A hat and sunglasses may be useful for when walking around under the sun and sun cream.

Important Note:

Often when visiting rural villages in Cambodia, tourists witness abject poverty for the first time and want to help and support and especially on education to improve their future life and for their free job market in their society according to the current education. While giving gifts is a lovely and compassionate gesture, please do not give anything to only one or a few children or to a single family you may meet in the villages.  This can lead to issues of jealousy amongst the children and the members of the community.  It can also lead to a detrimental cycle of begging which only perpetuates poverty.  If you would like to help, please discuss this with your tour guide or the director of the PCEF schools. They can provide information on the best way to make a meaningful and beneficial difference.

Education is the most of important part of developing the current generation and through this enabling their country to develop too.

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Child Protection Policy

It will be the unequivocal policy of Pagna Cambodian Education Fund that child abuse, in any form, will not be tolerated.



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