Volunteers are an extremely important part of what we do and we appreciate your help in continuing our development as an organization. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome for stays of a few days, months or more, depending on our needs.
As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our students, teachers and wider community, while experiencing the authentic culture of rural Cambodia and gaining an insight into the lives of local people.
We don’t ask for experience or formal qualifications, only a flexible attitude and a willingness to help in whatever way you can. However, if you do have skills or qualifications in teaching, school administration, creative design, marketing, fundraising or anything that would be applicable in improving the school, we would love your help.
As a small, grassroots organization, the help you give will make a very real and tangible impact in our school community.
If you want to volunteer, please submit an expression of interest form (see link below) and we will be in touch with you via email.

•Check out Our Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

•How can I help?

Most of our volunteers spend at least some of their time assisting our Khmer teachers in the classroom, although this is not compulsory. If teaching isn’t your thing, there are always plenty of other tasks to be done such as building, fixing, painting, cleaning and working on creative projects, to name a few. Depending on your skills and the length of your stay, you may also be able to assist with tasks behind the scenes, such as updating the school website, promoting the school on social media, developing our marketing material or finding sponsorship and donations.
If you have a specific skill or idea you think would benefit the PCEF School, please let us know when you express an interest in volunteering.

•What is the accommodation like?
One of the highlights for our volunteers is the opportunity to experience a home stay in a rural village. Facilities at our two locations are very basic but authentic and the host families are very hospitable. The huts sleeping areas are set up with mattresses, pillows, mosquito nets and fans. Toilets and showers have no running water, so you will need to use rain water to shower as the locals do, by scooping water on yourself. This can take a bit of getting used to, but is actually refreshing, especially on the really hot days.

•How many hours will I be volunteering?
The number of hours you work will depend on your role, but generally speaking, most volunteers work between 4-6 hours every week day.

•Will I have time for extra activities?
On weekends and when volunteer tasks have been completed for the day, you will have free time for other activities. This might include visiting the local temples, relaxing in a hammock with a good book, cycling around the local area, taking a cooking class or going into Siem Reap town. You may also have the opportunity to attend a traditional community ceremony such as wedding or Buddhist celebration.

•How do I get there and around?
Our two schools and home stays are approximately 26km (30-50 minutes tuk tuk ride) from Siem Reap town. We can arrange a tuk tuk for you, or give directions to your own tuk tuk driver, it’s up to you. The cost for a tuk tuk is $15-$20 one way. Feel free to contact our two drivers who know the directions to the school. Their phone numbers are:
Mr Chantha: +855 (0)975346707
Mr Sophinn: +855 (0)882800678
While in the village, you are welcome to use one of the volunteer bicycles to travel between schools and around the local area.

•What are the fees to volunteer?
Fees are paid in advance when you arrive or from Sunday to Saturday each week and depend on the length of your stay. Even though we don’t have a minimum stay, we do ask for a level of commitment in that you pay in advance for at least the days you intend to stay in the week ahead. This does mean that you will need to do a little planning if you would like to spend some time away from the village.
Fees cover your home stay accommodation, three meals, administration and a small contribution toward school running costs including teacher salaries and electricity.They are as follows:
Up to one month: $10 per day or part there of.
One month or more: $8 per day or part there of.
*Note: The cost per day includes the day you arrive, unless it’s after dinner. Your final day is free if you leave us before lunch, otherwise the $10 fee is payable for that day also.

•What is not covered?
• Travel expenses getting to and from the village as well as between schools.
• Travel insurance
• Activities outside of the village.
• Medical care or supplies
• Snacks, drinks and alcohol
• Laundry

•What if I would like to fundraise or make a donation?
Currently, our school relies on the fundraising efforts and the generous donations of people who visit us and feel moved to invest in our vision. We have intentionally kept our volunteer fees to an absolute minimum, so you can have the freedom without obligation to give more if you choose. The best way to make a donation is in cash or by direct bank transfer to the school’s bank account (insert link). We also welcome and appreciate anyone who would like to start a fundraising campaign when they return home. Please talk to Pagna if you would like to contribute in this way.
In addition to general donations and fundraising, you are welcome to bring goods, purchase educational materials or donate money for much needed resources. We have a regularly updated wish list that you can view *here.

•I’ve decided I want to volunteer, what now?
If the dates you would like to volunteer are more than three days ahead, please complete and submit our ‘Expression of Interest’ form here and we will be in touch with you via email. at info@pcef-cambodia.org.
If you are already in Siem Reap, please contact us on
+855 (0)11 21 8008/ (0) 81 600978
Thank you

We look forward to hearing from you!

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It will be the unequivocal policy of Pagna Cambodian Education Fund that child abuse, in any form, will not be tolerated.



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