Wish List

- The second classroom needs to be tiled (it's currently concrete and dirty and the classes are so overcrowded that children are sitting on the floor)  - $450

- We need to build a storage area -

- A new printer/copier - $150

- Paint for the first classroom and huts - $75

- A large white board for second classroom - $25

- Four desks for the second classroom - $180

- A bookshelf for the library - $70

- Four fans for classrooms and the library - $15 each - $60

- Monthly electricity - $30/month

- Three months of English language training for a teacher - $185

- Bicycles for our students - $45 each

- hand washing station - $1500

- rainwater harvesting system - $3800

- a new classroom for our computer skills course - $5000

- a new parcel of land for the expansion of our school and community programs - $18,000

- Books for a library.  Any and all books written in English and Khmer are greatly appreciated.

- Art supplies and coloring books.

- Sports equipment and games.

- Children’s clothing

- Scholarships for our young adults.  It costs $50 per month in living expenses for each student who attends high school, University or vocational training.  One year of University costs $400 in addition to living expenses. The cost of vocational training varies by program.

For questions or more specific information on any of these items please contact  Pagna.

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Child Protection Policy

It will be the unequivocal policy of Pagna Cambodian Education Fund that child abuse, in any form, will not be tolerated.



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